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seven kitchen renovating for a new look

‏224 2020-02-04


If you are going to renovate your kitchen you need time and money, frequently taking a while to finish and costing countless money. It often takes several months and may cost thousand dollars. If you do not have much financial resources for a kitchen renovation, you can change and re-create the look of your kitchen by using a variety of different methods at no cost. From refacing cabinets to replacing lighting, a couple of corrective changes can give you the kitchen you've constantly needed.



Many homeowners know when changing kitchen decorations that one of the easiest ways to decorate and refurbish the kitchen is to update and replace the cabinets. Refacing involves replacing the doors, drawers and hardware and covering the entire exterior of the cabinets in a brand-new veneer.

If you're feel happy with the design and capacity of your kitchen, however aren't so enthused about the aesthetic feel, consider cabinets refacing. “It’s for people who have kitchens from the ’70s and ’80s that have solid wood cabinets,” says interior designer Anna León, who has a background in kitchen refacing with Home Depot. “They can take off the original doors and put on modern doors

kitchen renovation may take several months, while changing cabinets usually takes three to five days. according to Lon, painting cabinets are more economical than replace.

“Painting cabinets is great, but it’s all about the prep work,” says Richmond, VA-based interior decorator Lesley Glotzl. “You have to prep and paint them perfectly or they’re going to chip or peel. You can’t cut any corners.”

کابینت آشپزخانه



Making another backsplash is a simple method to freshen up your kitchen. Make certain to pick an immortal material that will supplement your cabinetry, and abstain from blending styles and periods. For example, on the off chance that you have '70s-period cabinetry, you won't have any desire to combine that with something stylish like metro tile.

If you are into decorating, tile the back of your kitchen cabinet. Or at a low price you can paint it with a high gloss paint that can be easily cleaned after cooking.

Shiplap is a moderate and tough alternative too, and it's not hard to DIY. Glotzl additionally suggests utilizing vinyl backdrops from organizations like Osborne and Little as an astonishingly, in a variety of fun surfaces, hues and examples.


For Countertops, head to your nearby stone yard and pick a graniteat the lower end of the price run. Formica — a more moderate choice than normal stone — has a great deal of cool Countertop choices in designs like Greek key or surfaces like stable wood or grasscloth.


In case you're lacking in counter space and aren't hoping to include more cabinetry, consider purchasing a premade island or bar-tallness table that you can drift in the focal point of your kitchen.

Or on the other hand, if you have a more contemporary kitchen, consider buying a hardened steel nourishment prep table from restaurant supply company. Simply ensure you have in any event 36 crawls between the cupboards and island on all sides for simple traffic stream, exhorts Glotzl.



If your cabinets don't have lip shaping on the inside, evacuate cabinets doors to make open shelving and hotshot your wonderful serving dishes. Or, if you have an empty wall, make a different shelving system with floating shelves. If you plan to put your kitchenware and utensils inside shelves, make sure you have the brackets installed underneath the shelves.


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Lighting can dramatically change the look and feel of the atmosphere of any room. Eliminate intense fluorescent lighting and replace can-light bulbs. Make food prep easier by having an electrician install under-cabinet halogen fixtures or ambient Light Tape. The top of the kitchen sink is a good place to install common decorative items like a sculptural light pendant.

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Pulls and knobs

If you are replacing your cabinets, you have a lot of options new pulls and knobs to ponder. You can find them at online retailers or local stores. If you are painting your cabinets or you do not want to paint them. Replacing new Pulls and knobs can make a huge difference to the look of your kitchen. This simple solution is one that works particularly well for renters.


Appliances and plumbing


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Old or blown appliances with new and updated cabinets make your kitchen look incomplete. New stainless-steel appliances are the completing touch.

The money spent is relatively insignificant compared to other costs. You can easily renovate your faucet at a lower cost than a replacement, and a new home sink can cost you less than $ 400.


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