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Principles of spring cleaning (khane takani)

‏196 2020-02-09

With the advent of March, Spring cleaning that known as khaneh Takani in iran is one of the most controversial and attractive trends in iran. Khane takani is a tradition in Iran that every wowman sometimes complains about it.

Khane Takani (sprin cleaning) is the principle of giving the entire house a very thorough and complete clean. This is done once a year, often in the Murch. Winter is over, a new season has begun, plants and flowers are starting to grow, and it gives us a sense of starting with a clean slate – in this case literally!

With home-based principles, you can have time management and get things done with planning and principles and will definitely help you get things done.

What shouldn’t be considered part of Khaneh Takani (spring cleaning)? Anything that should be done on a regular basis, such as scrubbing the tub, vacuuming, and dusting. These should all be part of your normal cleaning duties. If you only do these things occasionally, set up a weekly house cleaning schedule or consider hiring a cleaning service if you can afford one. If you want to good at khane takani (spring cleaning) consider the following principles.


Creating a plan


برنامه ریزی خانه تکانی

The idea of cleaning every single area of the house can sound quite daunting, so the key is to have a clear and realistic plan to tackle it all. First, it is best to make a list of things to do. List out everything you want to accomplish during this year’s khaneh Takani (spring cleaning). Then sort the tasks by priority. For example, it is best to get start with places you don't have much to deal with by the end of March and keep them clean, such as in cupboards and drawer.

always clean from top to bottom, so any dirt that falls on to the floor can be cleaned up when you clean the floor. If you are going to wash your carpet or to take your bedspread, blanket even clothes to dry cleaner, do this as soon as possible. Otherwise, New Year's Nowruz will arrive and you will be faced with a plethora of dirty clothes and things.


Prepare the supplies for cleaning

وسایل خانه تکانی

When planning for Khane Takani, check out the supplies you need to get started cleaning and find the most useful and efficient ones. Spend the week before Khane takani (spring cleaning) gathering up the supplies you’ll need. Looking for cleaning supplies when you are in Khane Takani (spring cleaning) process is really boring and confusing. So it is best to put everything you need in a bin or basket near you to always have access to it.


Assemble a team

خانه تکانی

If your family is willing and able, get them to work with you as a team. If you’re single or live alone, get some of your friends to help you with the promise that you’ll help them in return.


Where to start?

First, we recommend cleaning your wardrobes to get things done faster so you throw away any clutter you may have and keep your wardrobe not crowded. Empty the inside of the cabinet and wardrobes and clean them thoroughly. Now if you are one of those busy ladies working late into the week and have no time to clean during the week, the weekend is the best opportunity for you.


Clean the rooms one by one

خانه تکانی

Clean the rooms of your home one by one. Try focusing on one room, then try to clean the next room. To do this no longer involve your mind and be in the same room you are cleaning.

Living room/Sitting room:

Move all furniture so you can dust, vacuum and mop all the surfaces. Wash furniture that can be washed. Treat leather material, remove stains, wash drapes, rugs, cushion cases and curtains. You can have these dry-cleaned if needs be.


Remove books from bookshelves, dust and clean these as well as the shelves. Unplug and dust-down all electrical equipment and hardware. Dust and replace light bulbs where needed.


Dining room:

Similar to the above. Move all furniture so you can dust, vacuum and mop all these surfaces. Wash tables, chairs and furniture that can be washed. Treat leather material, remove stains, wash drapes, rugs, cushion cases and curtains. You can have these dry-cleaned if needs be.

khaneh takani


Remove all products and items from the bathroom, including those in the cupboards. Clean windows and mirrors. Clean the shower, toilet, sinks and bathtub with specialist cleaning products to remove lime scale, hairs and soap scum. Don’t forget the drains!



Remove everything on shelves and in cupboards. Clean all cupboards inside and out. Clean the fridge, freezer and all other appliances inside and out – that includes the oven! Dust, vacuum, and mop.

Khaneh Takani


Do the same as with the living room but also vacuum and treat any stains on your mattress. You might want to turn your mattress over and get all bedding washed. If you have a mattress topper or comforter, wash this too.


Take time to rest

khaneh takani

Keep in mind that all these cleaning and shopping are to celebrate a sweet event that happens only once a year, so try listening to the music while housekeeping and khane takani. change your mood, and also make sure you take a break from the tiredness and have the energy to get to work.


Khane takani (Spring cleaning) is a lot of work, but you can make it more manageable by developing a schedule and plan of action. When all is said and done, your home will feel fresh and renewed, you’ll be happy you took the time to clean out the winter dust and dirt.


Spring cleaning ، khaneh takani

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