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Do You Having Trouble with Closing the Sale?

‏108 2020-03-10

مشکل در بستن فروش


If your actions do not lead to the closing the sale will cause discouragement and frustration. If deals don’t close as often as you believe they should assess why and fix it so you can accelerate results.

By asking yourself these six questions find out why you didn't close the sale. To understand this problem, please join us by the end of this blog!

1.Is this prospect the right kind of prospect?

Maybe your definition of a good prospect is too broad. You may reach a great market when you simply consider criteria such as the size of a company, the level of decision-making and industry. Using these filters as mentioned below, you can narrow your prospects.



انتخاب مشتری

Which group of potential prospects do you think are in urgent need of your products and services? Well here's the thing you need to understand this group of prospects who need more leads will close the sale sooner than the other prospects!!

Willingness to pay:

Maybe not all prospects can afford to buy your products and services. So avoid negotiating with people who are unlikely to pay for your value. don't waste your time dealing with such people.

Obvious Solution:

Prospects should see you as their only solution to avoid the time-consuming process of proving yourself and justifying prospect to buy.

2. Are you communicating GAP in your Sales Messages?


شکاف ارتباطی با مشتری

A gap is a difference between what prospects have now from vendors versus what they could have from you. One question which communicates Gap is, “What more would you want from your vendors that you’re currently getting?”

3. Are your questions optimal?

You may ask questions to your prospects, but are they optimal questions? See which of these questions elicit the most important information? Spend more time preparing questions that extract the most important information. Try to avoid asking as many questions as possible to keep the prospects negotiated on the sidelines!!

4. Do you know the Path to the Close?

Sometimes, salespeople do not end up closing sale because they don’t know what steps to take or who to involve to get to the close. One question to ask during the first meeting is, “If what we talk about is nirvana for you, what is the path for us to work together? Who needs to be involved and what is the process we need to follow internally?”


بستن فروش


5. Have you socialized the concept?

In many organizations there is more than one decision maker to start a company. These organizations may also have several influencers. Most salespeople only focus on one decision maker to exclude other influential decision makers and influencers who have the potential to put the kibosh on a deal.

Understand who is the decision maker and influencer at the start of the business and make sure you communicate with them all. In doing so your name, offering and value will be top of mind when decisions are being made.

6. Are you comfortable with The Ask?

You may not feel your services are worth the price. You may feel the asking is an imposed one. You may need a transition sentence to Lead the conversation to The Ask. If getting the words out when the time is right being difficult, understand why so you can fix it and close more.

By asking these questions, don't let any obstacle stand in the way of closing your sales.


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