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How to Keep Plants Alive in Your Apartment?

As cities expand, homes become smaller. Even if you live in a small apartment you can use the plants to change the environment and enjoy it. No matter where you live, keeping plants alive can be a challenge. Being green is not just a phrase, and sometimes it has to be completely inspired and life-changing. Plants make us happier and healthier! gardening not only disrupts the environment around you, it also improves your mental and physical health and helps you to deal with more responsible plants in life. Why do people grow flowers?   All plants produce oxygen and eliminate....


Principles of spring cleaning (khane takani)

With the advent of March, Spring cleaning that known as khaneh Takani in iran is one of the most controversial and attractive trends in iran. Khane takani is a tradition in Iran that every wowman sometimes complains about it. Khane Takani (sprin cleaning) is the principle of giving the entire house a very thorough and complete clean. This is done once a year, often in the Murch. Winter is over, a new season has begun, plants and flowers are starting to grow, and it gives us a sense of starting with a clean slate – in this case literally! With....


seven kitchen renovating for a new look

If you are going to renovate your kitchen you need time and money, frequently taking a while to finish and costing countless money. It often takes several months and may cost thousand dollars. If you do not have much financial resources for a kitchen renovation, you can change and re-create the look of your kitchen by using a variety of different methods at no cost. From refacing cabinets to replacing lighting, a couple of corrective changes can give you the kitchen you've constantly needed.   Cabinets Many homeowners know when changing kitchen decorations that one of the easiest ways to....


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